Money Making Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real estate marketing is a lot simpler than most Realtors
make it out to be. Some equate expensive products and
services with quality.However, effective real estate marketing does not have to be
expensive, complicated, or sophisticated. Sometimes, plain,
simple, direct and to the point makes lasting impressions
that result in increased business opportunities and more
income.One of the most effective real estate marketing ideas
involves Expired Listings. If you’re newly licensed, new to
a community or simply looking for a way to increase your
business you should aggressively pursue them.Expired Listings are plentiful and always easy to find. All
you have to do is look at your daily MLS updates.If you make them a staple of your real estate marketing
efforts by pursuing them consistently you should be able
to develop a steady stream of prospects and a solid income
within 3 – 6 months, depending on your local market
conditions.Still, getting them is easier said than done. However, a
good real estate listing system can help set you apart from
other Realtors in a relatively short period of time.Visit if you need one.Below are some additional real estate marketing ideas.1. Bumper stickers. Are you advertising yourself via bumper
stickers, yet? If not you’re missing out on a simple, cost
effective marketing strategy.So, here’s the deal. It’s very simple. Have some bumper
stickers printed with your web site address and other
business information on it.Ask your church, sorority, fraternity and/or other groups
you belong to to support you by placing them on their cars.
Many will be happy to help out, especially since it won’t
cost them anything to be supportive.Also, make enough for family, friends and clients who are
happy with your services and willing to share how great they
think you are.2. T – Shirts & Jackets. Real estate marketing via T –
shirts and jackets is not a new or novel idea, but how many
Realtors do you see advertising via this medium. Did you say
“none?” That’s what I thought.So, have some t-shirts and jackets made with your web site
address and other business information on them. You, your
family and friends can wear them almost anywhere. Market
your business year round for a one time cost. When it’s too
cold for t-shirts wear the jacket.3. Baseball Caps. Here’s another great way to get a lot of
free advertising.Have some baseball caps made with your web site address and
other real estate business information on them. Heck, you
might as well spend a few more bucks and outfit your child’s
baseball team with them. It makes for great publicity and is
also a nice thing to do for kids!Ask the parents for “quid pro quo” by asking them to place
your bumper stickers on their cars.4. Envelopes, Stationary & Business Cards. These are the
mainstay of any real estate marketing campaign, and a must
for your marketing campaigns.Make sure your web site address and other business
information is printed on all of your stationary, envelopes
and business cards. Leave a few wherever you go. Give them
out like candy, as they are doing nobody any good in your
pockets.5. Magnetic Signs. Automobile signs are the “meat and
potatoes” of real estate marketing of most serious agents.
If you don’t already have some get some. No,not the generic
ones that your Broker has laying around, but signs with your
name, web site address and other business information on
them.Place them on your car doors or roof. Take them off and
reattach them in different spots from time to time to avoid
fading your paint job.6. Flyers. Print flyers with your web site address and other
business information on them. Keep some with you at all
times and hang on bulletin boards or simply lying around to
be picked up. It’s a great, inexpensive real estate
marketing idea that reaches a lot of people fast.Print out a few hundred at a time and pay your kids to place
them on car windshields in grocery store and shopping center
parking lots on Saturday mornings.7. Articles. Another real estate marketing idea is to write
articles. Writing articles is a great way to demonstrate
your expertise as a real estate professional while plugging
your real estate business. It’s also an inexpensive way to
increase your website ranking.These real estate marketing ideas, anchored by a good real
estate marketing listing system, can help supercharge your
business and help you achieve the success you deserve.So, the sooner you adopt these strategies the sooner you’ll
be able begin reaping the benefits of them.Copyright © 2005, Lanard Perry

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Tips on Hiring Home Improvement Contractors

If you want to give some added square footage to your home or upgrade your outdated kitchen to add value to your home and improve the quality of life, you can seek the help of San Francisco home improvement contractors. Home improvement and addition’s require a lot of planning and work, but they can greatly enhance the appeal and value of your home. Choosing the right contractor can help you accomplish the tough remodeling work successfully. It is worth the time to choose a contractor, with whom you feel comfortable with. You can make use of the online referral service offered by some reliable companies to select the most reliable contractor, who can help you meet your home remodeling needs.Floor replacement is one of the most common projects done by many home owners in California. Beautiful flooring can give your home the perfect look. There are many types of flooring materials available in the market. The home improvement contractors provide you great assistance to choose the right material, after analyzing your home’s traffic, style and color of your home, maintenance required and foot traffic in your home. They guide you throughout the installation process. They can also help repair any damage in the existing floor so that it can regain its original charm.Kitchen is the heart of any home. Many homeowners in California are willing to spend money to remodel their kitchen. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, our contractors can help you accomplish it easily and quickly. You can find the best contractors who offer a wide variety of service, ranging from simply installing new granite countertops to completely remodel the entire kitchen. It is crucial to discuss with your contractor first about your kitchen remodeling needs, so that your kitchen will look beautiful for years.San Francisco home improvement contactors can handle each and every aspect of your project. Partnering with a reliable contractor who understands your needs and delivers value is the key to a successful home improvement project. The reputable contractors offer the best mode of operation and low overhead to provide you the most excellent performance at reasonable prices. You can save a lot of money and time by using their high caliber workmanship. They take away the stress in home renovation, offering you ultimate peace of mind.

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Biofuels for Today and Tomorrow

Biofuels are becoming more frequent in today’s conversations, as knowledge and interest continue to grow worldwide. The information in this article will discuss what biofuels are; what has been accomplished so far with biofuels; and what some of the future projections are for research and development in biofuels. The global consciousness of biofuels and the role they play in alternative energy need to be refined through further education and awareness. The more educated the word becomes about biofuels and alternative energy; the more likely it will be that these alternative energy options will become staples of our everyday existence.Biofuels are the results of processed biomass. References to biomass include solid biomass, liquid fuels, and various biogases. Solid biomass is also referred to as solid biofuels and includes wood, sawdust, grass cuttings, agricultural waste, dried manure, non-food energy crops, charcoal, and domestic waste. Suitably formed biomass can be burned directly. For example, firewood can be burned directly in a furnace or fireplace. Liquid fuels are, generally, derived from fossil fuels. However, there are other alternative sources, such as hydrogen fuels used with automobiles. One noted and interesting characteristic of liquid fuels is that the fumes are flammable and not the actual liquid. Biogases are a biogenic material. It is made through the fermentation of biodegradable materials like manure, sewage, green waste, or plant material.Biofuels research started some 34 years ago. This research was reported to have been initiated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The NREL is the United States most primary laboratory for research and development of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. Cellulosic ethanol is storming the frontline of biofuels research and is evolving into one of today’s most integrated biorefinery concepts. The research and development of cellulosic ethanol has proven itself to be rather multifaceted, as to require the joint efforts of the ethanol producers, cellulosic ethanol pioneers, major oil companies, biotech firms, and chemical firms.Currently, the United States is focused on enabling the development of cellulosic energy industry. This is also a priority of the NREL, who has voiced their resolve to get the cellulosic ethanol industry established and functional. They expect to expand technologies, systems, and fuels. Sustainable biofuels need to be addressed as well. Further, examination of the physical and chemical properties of biofuels is also warranted. At some point, thermochemical conversion may supplement current ethanol conversion research. Additionally, aquatic species will be researched for their biofuels and alternative energy potential.Knowing what and how biofuels offer and improve our global alternative energy potential and implementing these cost cutting energy saving techniques and processes could only prove advantageous to current social environments for generations to come. Each concerned individual should make a conscious effort to spread the word on biofuels and alternative energy to at least one person. This will ensure that the information does get passed along and preserved. Although a far slower method, it is still a valid form of communication. Do some research and educated yourself about what can be done to ensure a prettier greener future for the today and tomorrow’s generations.

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